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Convenient and easy to use tools are available!


Ready to share, company presentations.


Includes the reliability of Zoom video.


Offering technology training, webinars and access to our library.

Working Live AI Meetings

Artificial Intelligence Meeting Reports.


  • Professional, engaging, ready to share company presentations.

  • Audio help feature that guides you or “Says the words for you”

  • Speaker notes, timer, synced with each presentation page

  • Make the perfect pitch every-time.

  • Simply “Sign In” to access your presentations.

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Get better insights from unlimited virtual meetings with the cutting-edge AI Forbes calls “the future of sales” and proven personality science

Interact, negotiate, and communicate more efficiently with professional virtual meeting access enhanced by hassle-free AI technology that reveals valuable information about each participant in every virtual meeting.


Our simple virtual meeting Enterprise application reveals the values, motivations, and commitment of your prospects, customers, team members and partners, so you can better appeal to your audience and get the YES from anyone faster.

  • Full Working Live subscription that includes the reliability of Zoom. – Unlimited 1:1 video calls with up to 500 meeting participants each. Webinars include up to 500 attendees. Audio transcripts and unlimited cloud storage. Connect your virtual meetings to Facebook Live and YouTube.
  • Insights powered by B.A.N.K. – B.A.N.K. is the only personality-based system that accurately predicts buying behavior in seconds. Meeting Advisor leverages the B.A.N.K. AI that Forbes called “the future of sales” to reveal virtual meeting participants’ personalities and how to work best with them.
  • Fully secure data – Your privacy is important to us, so we never retain recordings of your conversations unless you choose to achieve them in the cloud. Feel safe knowing your data is fully encrypted and protected.
  • Simple and fast process – Receive a comprehensive report on every virtual meeting without any effort on your part. Record your call as usual to receive vital insights via email instantly after your call.

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